Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Simple Upgrade to Revive a Five Year Old Laptop

Samsung Electronics SATAIII 2 5 Inch MZ 7TD500BW

Samsung Electronics SATAIII 2 5 Inch MZ 7TD500BW

Love this drive, it's soooo much faster than the original HD. Startup wasn't that much faster, went from about 55 seconds to 40 seconds but my 60GB volume of iTunes opens in about 1.5 seconds, and everything is ready to play. Photoshop opens in about 5 seconds. This is wicked fast compared to previously taking up to a minute for Photoshop CS5 to load.

Data migration was a breeze. Installed Samsung drive into a sled (hard drive enclosure) with a firewire connector and opened Apple's Disk Utility on my MacBook. Make a partition on the new drive and name it whatever you want (preferably same as your old drive) and it will format the SSD to work with your mac. Started the transfer of 300GB of data from my old HD to the Samsung SSD via firewire to the SSD. Transfer took about 2 hours and total volume checked out when comparing the two after transfer. Once completely, simply swap out the two drives (there are holes on the SSD enclosure for pegs, remove them from your old drive and screw them into your new SSD to firmly and securely mount the SSD in your Macbook Pro. Machine started right up, no firmware update needed.

Great drive for a great price, and so easy to do.

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