Jumat, 11 Maret 2011


Rugged Blue RB2 Work Boots

Rugged Blue RB2 Work Boots

Okay, I don't normally spend this kind of dough on any personal items, much less things such as a wallet.....but this one caught my eye.

It's a little more bulky and bigger than the usual Biker/Trucker wallets, so be prepared for that. But, you'll get use to it. Tho, the pictures didn't show it, there is an eyelet and ring installed for a chain....but no chain furnished. Okay by me, I've got plenty of them that I can customize at anytime I choose. The card slots are a little tight, but they'll fit in properly with some use. The zipper may need some oiling before you're done, but no big deal either. Lots of room for checks, deposit slips, receipts, and cash.

The craftsmanship is splendid. Good quality leather ( a little stiff, but that'll break in soon enough...just like a pair of boots will ) and better than anticipated stitching. A very good strong clasp that'll have no problem snapping shut years from now. I figure this is one wallet that'll outlive me pretty easily. The design work is also great. Pictures and words will not do any justice for it...you have to feel it to know.

All in all...I feel I've spent my money on a good and lasting quality product. Many thanks for all those in the design and building of this fine piece of work.

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  1. Rosario Herring19 Desember 2012 06.32

    my husband loved the boots. Fit perfect, great support and his feet don't get wet at all even in the rain puddles. Thank you