Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Love these boots

Roxy Womens Buckeye Ankle Boot

Roxy Womens Buckeye Ankle Boot

I bought my first pair of DBs (in beeswax leather) last year, and just picked up a pair in chocolate-brown suede to add to the rotation. They look great (the rest of my non-dress/athletic shoes have been gathering dust, as I find myself wearing nothing else with jeans or cords), take a beating, fit well (note that if like me you have feet that are wide at the ball, disregard the conventional wisdom about going down a size), and are pretty much barefoot-comfortable. The plantation-crepe soles are amazing - so soft that you can feel a crack in the sidewalk if you pay attention, but surprisingly durable (something about my gait will wear away a cheap rubber heel in a month, but not these), and the weird-looking bright-white will quickly reach something more subdued with normal wear. Clark's customer service is also great - they will replace broken laces free of charge (as long as you have the full style number for your color and size handy - check it inside the show when you get them and write it down somewhere, in case it wears away to illegibility).

One thing to note about the comfort if you are new to DBs - what I said above applies after about five to ten wearings. When my first pair was brand new I was sure for a while that I'd been sold a bill of goods about how comfortable DBs are - un-broken-in DBs can HURT. I'm finding the same to be true with my new pair. But if you stick with it you will be amazed how well they break in, and you too will be a convert for life.

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  1. I got the Chocolate, which is much lighter than picture, but a great neutral brown. They have an oiled look around the toe that makes them look rugged and worn in. They were tight around one of the ankles when I first wore them, but loosened up and are quite comfy. Fit is true to size. They look great with jeans and leggings, but kind of odd with skinny jeans if they are not super tight around the ankles.