Senin, 04 April 2011

Always dry.

DryGuy TurboDry Shoe Dryer Warmer

DryGuy TurboDry Shoe Dryer Warmer

Please ignore that ignorant 1-star review.

DryGuy is the leading manufacturer of boot/shoe dryers. I have used their original Circulator driers (no longer manufactured, but at least for now still available (DryGuy Circulator Footwear Dryer Warmer). I have been pleased with the three of them I've used for several years. They have the advantage of being quite compact, and silent. If you want the equivalent from current production, you'll want to get the DryStix driers (not currently available on Amazon). However, I somehow lost two of my three driers, so got two of these units.

These units have the disadvantage compared with the DryStix that they bulk and weigh about twice as much, but have corresponding advantages.

First, they have work on both AC and DC (cigarette-lighter plug). Second, unlike my initial driers, or the DryStix, they don't rely on passive convection, the have a fan at the toe-end of the drier. Yes, it makes a little noise, but look at this way - it saves you the cost of a white-noise generator. The noise is soft, not objectionable and quite soothing.

Now, as far as drying efficiency.

Shoes and boots vary widely in how long they take to dry. My Salomon Men's XA PRO 3D MID GTX Trail Runner boots are so thin and light that they dry quickly. My custom Limmer traditional Italian-leather boots take a _long_ time to dry. My daughter's The North Face Nuptse Fur II Girls Boots 2012 take forever to dry by any method. Though my daughter likes them, they are not designed for cold-wet conditions, and are basically sponges for your feet.

Fixed dryers work best, but for portable dryers, you can't beat these. Unlike that first reviewer, don't expect them to work miracles. These work several times as fast as stuffing them with newspaper and sticking them in a warm place. And, unlike drying in front of a fire, they won't damage your boots. If the DryStix dry as well as my old passive-convection driers, then these with the fans work almost twice as well. (Having one of the old ones and two of the new ones allowed some side-to-side comparisons.)

Highly recommended.

Get your DryGuy TurboDry Shoe Dryer Warmer Now!

10 komentar:

  1. Easy to pack when skiing out west. Quiet when using with a group for sleeping. Preheats the boots to put on in the morning or driving to the slopes.

  2. Having both wall and car adapter, this was very useful for hunting this season. I also use it at work to dry out my boots when I'm sleeping and in between calls at the firehouse.

  3. Arlene Carlson15 Oktober 2011 16.32

    They work Great.

    A low hum is all you hear. The car plug is an added benefit if you are doing a road trip.

  4. very pleased with his little unit. Packs down to easily fit in your luggage or just pack it inside your boots. it is exceptionally quiet, can run it in the room while sleeping.dried out my boots in 3 or 4 hours. Highly recommend this product.

  5. Sometimes a product is so good that you just have to give praise. These boot dryers really work well. We've taken them on ski trips and they have made all the difference in boot comfort. Before we used to put our boots near the heater, fireplace or on the mantle and hoped for the best. We often had to ski the next day with damp boots. With these dryers only a few hours for each pair of boots and the next day you start up with dry boots. Lately I got water into my fishing hip waders and these dryers did the up to now very difficult job of drying in just a matter of hours. Couldn't ask for more.

  6. my husband purchased these to go in our snowboots/ski boots. they work great!! also perfect for gloves if you need them to dry quickly!

  7. I work for the New York City Department of Sanitation and my boots are always getting wet from rain, Puddles of water and Leaking garbage. After I hose off my boots and stick in the boot dryers depending on how wet my boots are it can take 8 to12 hours but i have used them after only 4 hours and they were Pretty dry very happy with them. The Boot dryers seems to be made very well They don't feel cheap. I've used my boot dryers for over six months now and they are still working fine. for the price you have nothing to lose I recommend them.

  8. Low heat with gentle fans get the shoes and boots dry safely without damage to the material. Got a second set so we can both dry our soggy shoes at the same time.


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